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Arrange a cue viewing at our shop in Warrington, strickly by arranged appointment only.


Text us on 07934 498487 to arrange. 


Tiger Cues - Warrington has approximately 100 to 200 cues in stock at any one time and a wide range of deluxe cue cases of all shapes, sizes and colours. We don't have a shop that is open 9 to 5, the reason behind this is it allows us to keep the costs down and keep the prices of our cues and cases low! However what we do offer is make our cues available for viewing by appointment at our shop and show room in Warrington. We are happy for you to come and browse our range of cues for as long as you like! 

New for Jan 2024, 1PC and 2Pc Ash cues added to the online store. 

We have just completed the builds of Forge, Guardian and NightCrawler one piece cues and Hydra, Indus, Mizar and Naos 2Pc cues that are now available online.

New for Jan 2023, 2PC Ash and Maple cues added to the online store. 

We have just completed the builds of various Apus, Columba, Draco, Grus, Hydra, Indus, Quasar and Dexter cues that are now available online.

1Pc Ash and Maple cues due completion and available for sale online toward the end of Feb 2023.

New for Christmas 2022, two brand new 2Pc Ash models "Venom" and "Virgo" models.

We have just completed the build on two new models, Venom (Sycamore and Ebony) and Virgo (Zebrano and Ebony). Stock is limited to that available online only. Head to the Online shop for cues and specs.

£229.99 plus shipping

Tiger Cues UK8 Ball Break Cue (V2). Probably the best on the market!

A brand new one piece state of the art Breaking cue hand made from American Mountain Ash and Indian Rosewood. Ver Simple and elegan, but boy do these make a difference! Sporting ultra light weight design and forward weighting, with the brand new Tiger Cues 44M Break Tip. Its rare these are on sale online as there is always a waiting list, but we've doubled the build to allow for some on sale online for Christmas.

£179.99 plus shipping

Finally back in Stock! Genuine Aramith Pro Cups! 

Limited stock so get them while I've still got them as it might be another 6 months before I can get any more!

£89 plus shipping

New for 2022 -  Customize any off the shelf online cue!

Now available from the Accessories section of the Online store, add a cue customization to your new cue purchase.

If the specifications of any online cue isn't quite right for you then you can now add a customization to your purchase to get it just the way you desire. The following services can be added to your basket when cheking out:


  • Retaper Cue Customization @ £29.99
  • Cut & Ferrule Cue Customization @ £29.99
  • Cut, ferrule and retaper Cue Customization @ £34.99


Tiger Cues - Notice

Feb 22nd Update - New 2Pc Ash Scorpius, Pyxis and Naos Cue builds completed and added to stock online.

January 28th 2022 Update - 1Pc Ash and 2Pc Ash Cue builds completing!




NEW CUE Availability - Over the coming weeks 1Pc and 2Pc Ash cues will become available for sale online.


Since Lockdown ended cue sales have been unbelievable at three or four times the average for the time of year, this has caught everyone here totally by surprise. Due to these unprecedented cue sales, Tiger Cues is currently low on cue stock and we are working flat out to improve this.


Sadly 1Pc and 2Pc Maple Cues are still some weeks off completion but we are working on this.

Completely none cue related but we couldn't just do nothing having watched Alan break down on TV!


Never has a cause been so deserved! Really plucked my heart strings seeing this 90 year old gent break down in tears! If you didn't see the show google it and watch! And if you can, please consider donating to this worthy cause, I'm sure it will make his day! He's already got the rent and more but it would be nice to give Alan a really big gift!


It was aired on Channel 5 Wednesday the 17th of Feb and was recorded last year. The Below GoFundMe was setup by the estate agent but they have confirmed All funds raised will go to Alan.

Tiger Cues is extremely proud to announce its new relationship with Professional Snooker player Leo “The Lion” Fernandez!


We here at Tiger Cues are honored to be supporting Leo for the upcoming 2020/21 season.


Good luck this season Leo!


Tiger Cues is proud to support the following Charity Event raising funds for the British Wheelchair Pool Players Association at the Turf and Feather WIPL League Venue in Warrington with donation of a £440 Elite Pro Cue and Genuine Leather Cue Case Bundle. £5 Raffle Tickets available from the below funding side, ALL money raised goes to the BWPPA. See Go Fund Me site for further details.

August 2019 

Tiger Cues - Extension Joint

Protectors Back in Stock, Only £5.99!!



Available from the accessories section!!




New Professional Ball Cleaning Service.


Drop your balls off for an overnight professional cleaning service.



Here at Tiger Leisure we have invested in a professional Ball cleaning machine designed for genuinie Aramith balls. The cleaning service takes 24 hours and costs £6 for Pool, £7 for American 9/Chinese 8s and £10 for Snooker. Your balls will come back like new! Unfortunatley the machine can't repair chips but it can reduced scratches and return a like new finish. The machine is designed for Aramith balls and may also work on other Grade A ball Manufacturer's balls but is unlikely to make a difference to cheap mass produced balls.

Please say 'Hello!' to the Tiger Cues- Shorty!


Shorten your cue for those tricky spaces around a table!!


The 'Shorty' is a micro telescopic extension that fits our 3/4 Jointed 2 Piece range and reduces the cues playing length. Simply remove your spliced butt and replace it with the aluminium 'Shorty'. As an example a 58" Cue fitted with a 'Shorty' now has a adjustable playable length between 52" and 55.5" and is designed for those pool players playing in venues with restricted room around the Table. When in the Online Store just add a shorty to your basket when purchasing acue and the shorty will be custom made to fit your cue.

NOW IN Stock- Tiger Cues - Q-Wiz Shaft Conditioning Micro Cloth Discs. YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO OWN ONE OF THESE!!


Finally now in stock Tiger Cues Q-Wiz Professional cue shaft conditioning cloth pads. I cannot recommend these enough!!! See below for further details on what they do.


Every cue sports man & women should have one of these in their cue case!! £7.99 plus shipping. PM me for more details.

NEW FOR December:  ETA the 9th of December!!! TIGER CUES PU Leather and Genuine Leather case range. The cases will be available in Standard 3/4, Deluxe 3/4, Deluxe 1Pc Single, Deluxe 1Pc Double, Deluxe 1Pc Triple. Time has been taken with the manufacturer to ensure all the absolute best components are being used.


NEW PLANNED FOR November:  TIGER CUES American 9 Ball Ash and Maple cues. Pheolonic ferruled, stiff shafted cues designed specifically for the 9 Ball game.


NEW FOR June 2015: CUSTOM CUE, choose any cue in our range and have it built to your liking! For an additional £35 choose tip size, butt width, length and weight of your cue!! There is a 4 to 6 week wait whilst your cue is made.

NEW FOR OCTOBER: Tiger Leisure is very excited to announce it has become an Official UK Distributor for the Q-Wiz Cue Shaft Conditioning Pad. This is a product that we believe in greatly, EVERYONE should have one of these in their cue case as they are that good!


The Tiger Cues Q-Wiz is a double-sided, micro pro disc that is perfect for cue shaft conditioning. Featuring one side for cleaning and one side for polishing, this product quickly and easily smooths and polishes your cue shafts.


You can use the Q-Wiz as often as your like to maintain the new super smooth finish without fear of damaging your cue shaft or reducing its diameter. They are washable under a tap and last for years.

Tiger Leisure Ltd is a small run family business, our product range is a real passion of the company director Darryl and head cue maker. Each product is personaly inspected by our director and only added to our product range if deemed as superior in quality and something we can deliver at a great price. It is our aim to continue adding to our product range using the same ethos of superior quality and great price.


Our range of Tiger Cues are sublime and we offer a 'MONEY BACK' guarantee on the quailty of ALL our cues. We absolutely know all our customers will be happy with their purchase.


TIGER CUES: All Tiger Cues are hand made with either genuine North American Mountain Ash or Canadian Maple then spliced with genuine African ebony and a variety of ornate and attractive natural woods. None of our Cues HAVE ANY BLACK painted-up or covered up woods. Nor do they have any of that horrid thick clear lacquer some makers adorn on their cues. We are proud of our cues and assure any prospective customer they will be more than happy with the build quality and finish, especially with our extremely low pricing.


TIGER LEISURE LIGHTING: Our Lighting solutions are second to none and extremely competitively priced compared to our rivals. The price includes not only state of the art canopies but extremely innovative suspension systems for all in the range.  

Thanks to Tony Weafer (left) at Arena Billiards, Loughborough now a stockist for Tiger Cues, Tiger Cue cases and accessories. 


Arena Billiards is a fabulous Snooker & Pool Hall located in the University town of Loughborough, and only a short distance from J23, M1. 


They have 28 tables to choose from, 4 professional dart lanes, 3 poker tables, 4 £250 Jackpot machines, Table football, a full menu served all day and of course a bar full of drink offers thats open till 1am*

Thanks to Kit Wong at Franks Pool Club in Hatfield, Hertfordshire now a Tiger Cues, Tiger Cue case and accessories stockist.


Franks is excellent venue, I was very impressed when I visited in April. Formally called Shades, Franks has eleven English 8-Ball tables with Pro-Cup balls, six Snooker tables and three American 9-Ball tables.. 


Franks is also the home of EPA Hertfordshire County Pool Team.


Tiger Leisure Ltd is exremely proud to sponsor both Roy Kimberley ( and the British Wheelchair Pool Players Association (




A good referee can make an event better a bad referee can cause riots!!! Do you have what it takes? IPC offers bespoke referees seminars and recognised qualifications.

Contact Viv and her people through the IPC webite, they are the experts in their field and nobody does it better!
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